User Guide

Below is a basic guide to the features and options available to you when using the Strawberrytwist service. Pictures showing sample screens are included for clarify however the exact screen shot may vary depending on the options avialable to you.

Strawberrytwist encourages you to sign up for an account to get the full benifits of the service. There are however features that you can access without having an account with us:

  • Viewing individual channels: name

  • RSS News feeds: name

  • Viewing a channel wall: name

Sign in

When you sign in to the service, your details are shown at the top of the screen. Any action you take, such as creating a story, raising Talkback messages, or regionsl channel viewing are all based on your signed-in account

My Channel

Every Strawberrytwist account holder has their own Channel. This can be customised and can include stories written by the channel editor and any co-editors nominated by the channel owner. Any story created can be for the sole purpose of My Channel, or can additionally be included as part of a regional channel. Whether it is exclusively for My channel or made available for a regional channel is defined when the story is created.

Regional Channel

The concept of the regional channel is for the grouping and displaying of stories from different channels within your defined region, and display them as a regional channel (think of it as a newspaper). You can select the size of region you want to see; Local (within ~5 miles radius), Regional (~50 miles radius), National (ie. within the same country as you) or Global (from anywhere in the world). Only news stories flagged for regional inclusion will be displayed.

Channel headings

Whether it be an individual channel or a regional channel being viewed, the structure of the news is the same. The diagram below shows how to interpret the news and feedback / statistics areas of the screen:

Menu Options

Specific options available to the account holder, once signed-in are available by clicking the Options button at the top of the screen. From there a drop-down menu appears as shown below:

Menu Update Options

Additional update options are available to the account holder who is signed-in. Again this is from a drop-down menu (sub-menu after clicking Update:

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