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   News Channels  


Sign-up and you get your own News Channel. Think of it as a newspaper; you can customise its appearance, add to the existing channel “pages” and most importantly add news stories to your heart’s content, whether they are exclusively for your channel or part of your regional “Location Based” channels. Features include:

  • Individual & Regional, Community channels

  • Nominate co-editors for your channel

  • Dynamic “Breaking News” ticker

  • Integrated Feature Walls
 Social Network  

Build your social network by tracking channels of interest, as others track your channel. Share too your stories as part of your community channel.


So you want feedback? No problem. Each channel has an interactive talkback “chat” area and one to one messaging service

 Feature Wall  

Every channel has a feature rich interactive “Feature Wall” which can be used to display multimedia, slides or make use of customisable desktop widgets.


Every channel comes equipped with its own dynamic RSS News feed.



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